Pionneers in financing
profitable tech companies

Financed by a community of entrepreneurs-investors, we provide financial support to founding teams who have demonstrated their capital efficiency in the tech and digital sectors on their road to LBO

We are a
community of entrepreneurs

Our community is mainly made up of entrepreneurs and managers
who see Reflexion Capital as a way of investing intelligently and differently. We offer each of them the opportunity to :

Group 15

Meet the founding teams that we have selected prior to investment

Group 15

Co invest alongside our fund in companies of their choice

Group 15

Get involved in supporting portfolio companies if they want to



Our investors

Whether they are still running their company, have sold it, or are at the head of a family fortune, find out why our investors have chosen Reflexion Capital as their financial partner.
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Vector-Reflexion Ticket ranging from €100k to €1m

Are you an entrepreneur?

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Vector-Reflexion Ticket ranging from €1m to €3m

Have you just sold your company?


Why we decided
to join the community

“My experience as a traditional entrepreneur leads me to prefer companies with a vision focused on achieving short-term profitability rather than growth at all costs. Reflexion Capital’s investment targets are therefore perfectly in line with what I’m looking for.”


“I was particularly attracted by the investment strategy, which focuses on high-potential targets seeking organic or external growth in semi-mature markets. Furthermore, the team creates a strong human relationship with its investors, giving them the feeling of belonging to a club”.



Reflexion Capital

A team that has been investing in tech for over 15 years, and whose track record is perfectly aligned with the investment strategy

Thibault Hirsch

Associate Investor

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Ivan Michal

General Partner

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Nicolas Meunier

Founder & CEO

Tom Piperno-Picture

Tom Piperno

Associate Investor

Our strategy in figures

3 – 5m€

ticket per operation

5 years

holding period


LBO exits


IRR target

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Reflexion Capital is a registered trademark. The Reflexion Capital #1 fund is managed by Tygrow, an AMF-accredited fund management company under number GP-20226. Investing in unlisted companies involves risks.

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